John's World (Version 1.0)
This mosaic below contains 988 photos of John. These photos span from 1944 through 2009. To explore John's world use the mouse and "Click" to zoom in or hold down the "Shift" and "Click" to zoom out. You can also "Click-Drag" to move the image around to find images. I like the "Full Screen" mode the best. You can enter this mode by clicking on the tiny icon in the far bottom right of the mosaic that looks like a little square. All photos are in the mosaic, yet some repeat often to complete the image. (NOTE: I have had reports that the Mosaic isn't loading in FireFox but appears to be working in Internet Explorer, Opera and Chrome. Please refresh the screen if you don't see the mosaic at first.)

Please enjoy a taste of how warm and amazing John was through these pictures. Of course we also know that John was always finding ways to present information differently, so of course there is some poetry to presenting his best life's photos in such an online-mosaic!

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