Sourdough Pancakes or Waffles for Four



The night before make the spong.  Mix:


1 cup starter


2 cups warm water


2 cups flour


1 Tbs sugar


Cover and let stand in a warm place overnight.



In the morning:

            Remove 1 cup of starter to replenish the sourdough pot


            Lightly combine, then mix into sponge:

                        For Pancakes:                         For Waffles


                        2 beaten eggs                        3 beaten eggs
                        2 Tbs oil                               3 Tbs oil
                        1 tsp vanilla                           1 tsp vanilla
                        milk if needed                        milk if needed


Combine, then sprinkle over the batter and fold in:

            1 tsp salt

            1 tsp baking soda

            2 Tbs sugar


Let rest 10-15 minutes before making pancakes or waffles