Print from browser or save gif image to your hard disk and print using an application that allows the size of the image to be adjusted.

This high-resolution spiral was created by Paul Stoffregen and kindly provided for me to post here.  Here's his message of 7/13/2006:
"Ultimately, I ended up creating a new, very high resolution image that prints out very nicely, and I'm sending you this email to share it.  The image is attached.  It's approximately the same size as the one you have on that web page, in number of pixels.  The file size is about half .. [but] ..  the quality is very good."
"Here is the site with the equation and sample code I used as the starting point for creating this image."
"...minor tweaking, and many steps (using unix, not easily accomplished on microsoft windows) were needed to turn it into the final image.  So I'm sending you the final, ready-to-use image, so it can be easy for anyone else who wants to just print it out for a very high quality spiral that looks great spinning."