Teacher Institute
The Geology of the Earth and Other Worlds
July 29 - August 9, 2002

Middle and High School Teachers will construct a squeeze box to study faults, model seismometers by holding hands, break pasta to quantify earthquake magnitudes, and much more. Paul will do projects about ice after returning from Antarctica. Wherever possible we'll link the geology we see on earth to the geology of other planets in the solar system. Modesto will take us on a field trip around San Francisco to observe subduction and local geologic features. We'll work together to do activities which make geology real to middle and high school students.  Click for the topics to be covered and for the draft plan for the two-weeks of classes.

We joined Lori Lambertson and Linda Shore's "Welcome to the Bay Area's Outdoor Classroom!" class for a geology field trip led by Modesto Tamaz. The group picture below was taken in front of a high quarry wall that has exposed a fault surface with well developed slickensides.  This location is in San Francisco, on the north side of Corona Heights, on 15th street just east of Roosevelt.

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Click photo for larger version.

1. Pauline Rodriguez
2. Paul Barron
3. Susan Sieveke
4. Mara Hill
5. Debbie Cahoon (Outdoor Education)
6. Terry Thane (Outdoor Education)
7. Emil Fogarino (Outdoor Education)
8. John Domecus
9. Kendra Langer
10. Modesto Tamaz
11. Dora Barlaz
12. Laura Baumgartner
13. Debra Arthur
14. Miguel Appleman
15. Amy Kirshen
16. Susan Pritchard
17. Craig (Charles) Leonard (Outdoor Education)
18. Rebecca Pollack
19. Marisa Alfieri
20. Trish Mihalek
21. Mark Huffman
22. Rosa Lopez Ruiz
23. Katie Chivers
24. Joan Murphy
25. Lori Lambertson
26. ???? (Outdoor Education)
27. Paul Doherty
28. Alejandra Leon-Castella
Not pictured:  Paul Trudelle and John Lahr

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Here's the same photo without the numbers.