Seismology Exhibit

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With funding from IRIS, New Mexico Tech  and the US Geological Survey Albuquerque Seismological Lab, have worked with the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science to create an excellent exhibit on seismology.  The exhibit is located below a large relief map of the world that has small red lights representing the typical distribution of earthquakes during a month's time.  Each light cycles on and off randomly with a period of about a minute.


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On the far left there is a computer that is attached to the internet.  The computer runs commercial software that limits the sites that can be visited to a few dozen directly related to earthquakes and earthquake hazards.  The software displays a menu of the available sites with a short description of what can be found on each one.  A large track ball is used for navigation, but a keyboard is not made available.


There are three back-lit panels describing tectonics.

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The Where, Why, and How of Earthquakes on the left.

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New Mexico Earthquakes in the center.

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Consequences of Earthquakes on the right.


The active seismic display is located below the back-lit panels.

A PC computer with two displays shows a map and listing of recent earthquakes.  The events are color-coded by "age:" Red for within 24 hours, blue within 2 days, etc.  In addition, the display on the right has a slide show of earthquake effects.

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Two seismic drum recorders display data from a near-by station in real-time.  On the far right of the display area some recent records showing earthquakes that have been in the news are displayed.

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Make your own earthquake.  A third drum recorder displays local vibrations from people jumping near the exhibit.   Out of view on the right is a simple working seismograph that illustrates how they operate.


Recent Earthquakes

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Seismic records from the local drum recorder are displayed for a recent noteworthy earthquake.


Additional photographs.