Date Tue, 04 Feb 2003 162505 -0700
From meredithlamb <meredithlamb at earthlink dot net>

Hi all,

I tried a variety of "end magnets" solutions to try to come up a
answer for this type of magnet size.  The easiest solution seems
to be; to just use the same size magnet, as illustrated below.

Dual chanel phote 

There is two full length Faber-Castell 1.4mm diameter pencil leads in
the channels above; they are both against the right hand white plastic
"stop" in the photo.  The 1/16" square "keystock" gap irons seem to be
available via McMaster-Carr, for around $1 per 12" length...but they
might have a minimum purchase thing?  I went through "Nolan Supply",
which ended up getting my keystock from McMaster-Carr anyway (!).

Close up of end magnets 

On the above photo, one can "generally" see the pencil leads mostly above
the top the magnets.  Its around 95% of its diameter above the mags.

I'am not sure that adding sheet iron atop the mags would be helpful here,
as the lift from the two pencil leads is already quite good.  It might even
degrade it; but I don't know at the present ....yet.

The above is of the "end magnets" section.  The double stack magnets
are not glued; nor is any of the rest.  The white plastic strip is present on
both ends; and it serves as both a period adjustment (various size
thicknesses) and as a "stop", which retains the top magnet from moving
inward somewhat.  The far end "S" magnets simply serve to keep the
main end magnets anchored to the iron base, and allow movement

These same "S" magnets can be laid parallel to the stacked pair of end
magnets of course.  I note that when laid parallel, the two separate
pencil leads, react in more harmony with each other, and that the
period seems to slightly increase (~ 6 seconds), with the existing
thickness of the plastic (0.020").

There is 15 magnets in this arrangement.  "Amazing Magnets"
sells 17 of these for $19.89, (plus whatever shipping, etc.,) on
their website.  They are all rated at 40.

Thanks for your help Chris!!!  For the moment, it looks like I
can proceed with using some thin plastic/metal foil (~0.005") to
set in the channel walls to brace/lock in the pencil leads; so to
where one could glue on a cross brace/s.....and go from there,
for a "H" further test model.

This "availability" thing with magnets is quite maddening.  One
never knows when the supplier/s will either keep or delete
their supply.  I hope "Amazing Magnets", keeps this size around
for obviously has promise.

Take care, Meredith