Step-by-Step Diagnosis for Ailing AS-1 Seismic Systems

To help to diagnose a problem with your AS-1 system, please complete the following steps and answer all of the questions.  A good way to do this would be to copy this page into a word processor.  Answer the questions within the document and then E-mail it to John Lahr.


Unplug the power cable from the black box.  How many pins are on the connector? ______

Plug the power supply into a wall socket and into the black box.  Are you certain that the wall outlet is turned on?

Attach the serial cable from the black box to the computer.  

Reboot the computer.

Start up AmaSeis and make a note of any messages that appear.   

Did you see this message:   Yes.   No.

Any other messages?  If so, what were they?  _________________

Click on Settings/Helicorder

What is the Gain set to?__________

Click on Settings/COM Port ...

What number is displayed?___________

Click on Settings/Device...

What device is in the top window?__________

Click on Settings/Set zero level...

What number is displayed?__________

Click on Settings/Show data values ...

Are there any numbers displayed?  Yes.   No. 
If so, what are the values or range of values?__________
If you slowly turn the knob on the black box from one extreme to the other, do the numbers ever change?  Yes.   No.

What was the largest value displayed?  The smallest?