Using AmaSeis with the DATAQ DI-158U ADC

Attached DI-158U to serial port.  You will get a message about the need to install a driver.  Select the  option to install driver from specified location.

Inserted the DATAQ CD and specify this location for the driver.  In my case it was  E:\.

Once the driver was installed, then the "need to install driver" message came up again.  Again I specified E:\ and the serial driver was installed.

To find which Com port was assigned to the DI-158, I went to the Control Panel, System, Hardware Tab, Device Manager, Ports to find that in this case it was COM6.  It my be different on your computer.

Start up AmaSeis and and your will get some popup messages about COM1 not being found and neither was there data on COM1.   Use the Settings/Device... to change the Device ... to DATQ158 and the COM port ... to 6 (in my case).

Exit AmaSeis and restart AmaSeis again.

Change the Settings/Set zero level ... from 2048 to 34140.  It should be 32768, so there must be some offset in the ADC when the input is open.