Program Hypotable: README

The Hypotable distribution consists of a Unix directory tree with four sub-directories: ./iaspei-tau, which includes the software needed to construct the iasp91 traveltime tables and create the Hypotable executable; ./build-tables, which has the input and output for building a set of tables in the format to be used in Hypoellipse; ./sample-runs, which gives a sample application showing how these tables can be used in Hypoellipse; and ./bin, which is empty in the Hypotable distribution but is where the executable files are placed on a Unix system after running the makefiles which create them. Three README HTML files contain information on the contents of ./iaspei-tau, ./build-tables, and ./sample-runs.

There are two files in PC-ZIP formta which can be downloaded:

I do not use PCs, but I succeeded in creating the IASP91 tables for use in my FOCMEC package. However, the tables are compiler dependent and the software is not robust for models other than iasp91, so I have chosen not to provide them here. The USGS ftp server has source code and instructions for building the iasp91 software package on a PC.

The source for Hypotable is written in basic Fortran 77 so should compile on other platforms with only minor modifications.