This directory contains the source and executable files for HYPOELLIPSE, a program is used for locating earthquakes and determining amplitude and coda- duration magnitudes.

The six components are:

1) hypoel.exe is the PC-executable file.  To download it, click with the right mouse button and then select "Save link as" in Netscape or "Save target as" in InternetExplorer.

2) quikstrt.pdf and quikstrt.doc

This is the "Quick-Start" manual, a very short summary of the full HYPOELLIPSE manual.  It is a good place to start learning about the program.  The two formats available are portable document format (.pdf) and MS Word97 format (.doc).

3) quickrun

This directory contains a simple example of a HYPOELLIPSE run, and is described in the Quick-Start Manual.

4) source:  This directory contains the source code (hypo1.for hypo2.for hypo3.for hypo4.for parms.inc) for HYPOELLIPSE.

COMPLINK is a batch file to compile and link with Microsoft Fortran 5.1.

LIST.ALL is a listing of all module and subroutine names.

5) y2ksta.for and y2ksta.exe stations list has time-dependent stations parameters.  

6) pctest:  This directory contains another  example of a run of HYPOELLIPSE.