Executable ( hypoel )
    Source Files

In this directory you will find the Y2K UNIX executable (hypoel), and the directory with source files.  The latest revision to the source files was made on 2/9/2000.   Note, to download the executable file, click with the right mouse button in the program name ( hypoel ) and then select "Save link as" in Netscape or "Save target as" in MS InternetExplorer.

Note that the Makefile for the SUN version allows two different versions of HYPOELLIPSE to be compiled.  One is the version that will work with Xpick through sockets and the other is the stand-alone version.  The executable code included here (hypoel) is the non-Xpick version and was compiled with the -Bstatic option so that FORTRAN libraries will not be needed to run it.

The program control and station parameter files for the final run of Alaskan data are included as a sample run on UNIX.

Notes on Debian-linux

Paul Harris <elegant_dice at yahoo.com> successfully compiled hypoel on a Debian-linux machine in January 2007.   He found that the GCC/G77 compiler correctly handled DOS carriage returns in the source files, but that he needed to run dos2unix on all of the input-data test files. 

6/24/2007 note from Paul.

The file hypo_fix_decl.patch documents the changes that I made in order to compile and run Hypoellipse under Debian-linux.  The modified routines are:

13469 01-11-07 10:34 source/hypoe.c
2959 01-11-07 10:35 source/listen_serv.c
1805 01-11-07 10:35 source/makefile
4096 01-11-07 10:40 source/setup_server.c
1996 01-10-07 08:32 uamag/squish_uacal.c

Note that I don't use hypoellipse at the moment so I haven't checked that everything is ok for a while now.

Calibration Files for Sun Version 

Calibration files for the U of A style magnitude computations must be in binary format for the Sun version of Hypoellipse.  For the PC version, these files are in ASCII format.  To convert from the ASCII to the binary format, use the program prm2bin_cal.  A binary file may also be converted back to ASCII with bin2prm_cal.  The source code and Makefile for these programs are in the uamag directory.  These programs are interactive and will prompt for the necessary file names.

Paul Harris found that to compile these programs under Debian-linux, two changes to squish_uacal.c were also required, both of which are now noted within the code.  Then the .bin calibration files could be generated.