Using a Siemens SX66 cell phone from Cingular with a QWEST Actiontec DSL Modem with Wireless WiFI Gateway (GT701-WG)


Setup the Actiontec by browsing to

Within the Actiontec Advanced Setup for Wireless:

Wireless:  On
ESSID:  whatever  (you pick a name)
Channel: 9

Security:  WEP

Wireless Settings: WEP Key

Authentication Type:  Shared
Key 1: (type 10 HEX characters consisting of a-f and 0-9)


On the Siemens SX66

Start/Settings/Connections (a tab at the bottom)/Main (a tab at the bottom)
Add check to box:  Wireless LAN is ON

Settings (a tab at the bottom)
Move slider right or left for desired Power Save Mode

Put a check in the box:  Auto turn of WLAN if not connected  (specify time limit)

LEAP (a tab at the bottom)
Do not make any changes or add new settings here.

Click on OK at top right which brings one back to the Settings/Conncetions (tab)

Click on the Network Cards icon to reach the Configure Wireless Networks screen.
You will be in the Wireless tab area.

Click on Add New... and with the General tab at the bottom:
    Fill in Network name: with the ESSID entered into the Actiontec priviously.
    Connects to:  The Internet
    Do not check the box for: This is a device-to-device (ad-hoc) connection.

    Click on the Network Key tab.
    Set Authentication to: Shared
    Set Encryption to: WEP
    Uncheck the box for: The Key is provided for me automatically
    Enter the same network key as entered into the Actiontec as Key 1
    Set the Key index to: 1

    Click on the 802.1x tab.
    Uncheck the box for: Use IEEE 802.1x network access control

Click on OK at the top right of the screen, which will return you to the Configure Wireless     Networks screen.

In the drop-down box for Networks to access, select: All Available
Do not check the box for Automatically connect to non-preferred networks.

The ESSID of your wireless should now show up in the list of wireless networks.
The status should show up as "Available."
Click on the ESSID for a few seconds and a drop down menu will appear.  Select "Connect."

With any luck, the status will change from "Available" to "Connected" and you will be able to browse the Internet!

Good Luck!


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